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Lead Me to Wisdom


They drop from our mouth so quickly.

We rarely stop to think.

They just flow out of us like a river, a stream of sounds, a flicker in the atmosphere.


And then just as quickly they vanish as if we never said them.



I once read an illustration that impacted me like an asteroid. I was 12 or so then, and I remember it to this day. There was a native warrior who was hurting many people with his words. A wise old brave took him away into the forest with his bow, and told the young warrior to shoot an arrow into a certain tree. The young man did so proudly. The old brave then said to remove the arrow. When that was accomplished, he looked at the young warrior and told him, “now remove the hole.”

The point is that words can be taken back…

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Copy Cat

So Good – thank you for sharing!

Practice the Presence


Have you ever been imitated?

Maybe you were younger, in school, stylin. Someone starts imitating your style, taking your look. Frustrating. Perhaps you’re older, working, even a writer lets say. Someone steals your work without citation. Infuriating.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re a father.

Your son has slipped in to a pair of your shoes and is tapping away on the screen of your iphone, pretending to make important decisions and merge companies. You’re proud. You hope the example you set for your child is beautiful and Christ-like. You pray he’ll follow and not go astray. You’re in love with your sons desire to be like you.

“Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children..” (Eph. 5)

Mystical enough for you yet? In case acting like God has been demonized or laughed at in your circle, let me help you. God is smiling on His beloved child. Not only…

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When was the last time you took in the silence. Not only turning off your phone or Netflix, but also turning off your thoughts. Turning off your list of chores, your worries and the constant pursuit of what’s next. I know for a fact that the Lord wants us to sit in contemplation, ask questions and speak without restriction before him, but when was the last time you offered him your silence.

Recently, I was challenged in the middle of ranting to the Lord when I heard him say, “When do I get a chance to respond.” Jesus, the Messiah, the creator, the King of kings wants to respond to my thoughts, worries, questions, joys, and dreams! Why don’t I stop to listen, to receive, and to dwell on His response? Why don’t you?

God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer. {Mother…

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